To provide affordable technological tuition to all our students. 

Exiting our students in computers and giving them direction to

confidently use them.


Compass Kidz have mobile units that visit more than 20 schools and private homes in the Pretoria region.

Our staff are highly trained and qualified.

All our staff are mothers and understands that children have special needs.

Our staff receive regular training and attend seminars and courses to ensure consistent and quality service.



Due to the growing importance of the computer in all of our lives we need to ensure our youth keeps up with technology.  We have decided to focus on a support service for pre-, primary and high schools in the field of individual computer tuition.


Compass Kidz believes in individual attention, each child entrusted to us is special and a sincere effort is made to enrich, support and lead each learner to reach his / her full potential.  We like to think of our students as “computer gurus” in training.


While learners discover the wonderful world of multimedia, emphasis is placed on syllabus-directed topics.  Remedial education principles will be followed throughout the education process.


Our computer literacy programs allow the use of specialized technological equipment.

The equipment enables each student to confidently learn and use current technology.


In an effort to provide all children with our service, the pre school syllabus has 4 different courses.


We are looking forward to teach and learn from all our students. 

We sincerely hope our service will be of true educational value to all.

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